We are leaving tomorrow to do a retreat in Bali!

It’s always so exciting to go to a new country and do a retreat. All the planning and the anticipating… and then comes the packing.

I go through my clothes and from a full closet and drawers can manage to leave for 3 weeks with a backpack. Makes me wonder why do we accumulate so much stuff?

Part of releasing patterns and rewiring ourselves includes removing external clutter and purging the past. I guess going on a trip is always a good time for questioning and introspection, as the change of scenery allows you to look at things inside and outside of yourself from an altered perspective.

Having an altered reality can bring up doubts about people, situations, commitments, and habits in your life that may no longer be aligned with the life you desire to experience.

Realizing this can bring pain or fear and be daunting, however this realization is needed to create the awareness of how to evolve to your higher self.

Recognize what no longer serves you and take accountability for allowing it your life.
Then forgive yourself for the role you played in creating the situation for yourself and forgive anyone who had a part in it as well. And finally find gratitude for your ability to recognize it and move forward.

If you think it is time to step out of victimhood and start to become intentional in thoughts, words, and actions, you should join us in May in the mountains of Ecuador for our Mind and Body Wellness retreat!

Or if you have a retreat in mind, let us create it for you or your business!