ELM | Evolutionary Life Mapping, Mastermind, Coaching & Mentoring

At B.A.Y. Lifestyle, we help you achieve lasting happiness and satisfaction through a process called ELM – Evolutionary Life Mapping method. Through ELM, we zero in on the tendencies and personal beliefs that paralyze you into inaction and keep you “stuck”. Then, we implement personalized, all-encompassing strategies that put you back in the driver’s seat and on the road to happiness. Finally, we focus on maintenance, empowering you to practice self-mastery so that you can rise to every challenge you may face.

Life Mapping is a rewarding process designed to set you on your true course by looking at your internal and external factors of health and the personal desires and factors that make you who you are. Is it something you can do on your own? Sure, but most individuals lack the discipline and self-awareness needed to confront their own inertia or apathy. This isn’t because people are inherently lazy; we’ve found that most people with whom we’ve worked are open and honest about their shortcomings; they’re simply unaware of the factors, both personal and environmental, that prevent them from charting their “true course” or so stuck in their ways that they are unable to clearly envision a happier and more aligned future

Client & Business Coaching

When you come on board as a coaching client, this type of relationship focuses on the development of the Self. When you are in a personal or professional place where you are stuck repeating patterns and unable to control the negative thought patterns of your mind, your energy becomes affected and therefore both your work and your personal life suffers. ELM, or our Evolutionary Life Mapping method, allows you the tools to break down your situation, mindset, and patterns, to take accountability of your life and how to move forward in it.

ELM looks at both the internal and external factors that affect your life and helps you develop a plan that meets you exactly where you are and creates steps to move forward that are aligned with who you are and your way of life.

6-month Mastermind Evolution

Masterminds have been improving the way individuals conduct business for eons. The ability to brainstorm with a similar-minded group of individuals enables people with visionary life and business goals to create actionable steps toward attaining those goals. Mastermind groups continue to exist today because the people in them gain tremendous success due to the insights and feedback that the Mastermind process provides for its participants.

Our Mastermind starts in a retreat setting as a three-day event in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and meets bi-weekly for two hours for six subsequent months.

ELM Personal & Business Evolution Mastermind in San Diego, CA

April 21-23, 2023

Masterminds have been a part of how create opportunities and solutions since we have written knowledge. Join us in sunny San Diego and connect with a similar-minded group of individuals as we create an atmosphere where you can brainstorm and transform your life and business goals, as you mastermind ways to create actionable steps toward attaining those goals. 

Mastermind groups continue to exist today because the individuals that join them gain tremendous success due to the insights and feedback that the Mastermind process provides for its participants.  Our ELM Mastermind begins in a retreat style setting, as a three-day event kicks it off in San Diego. Once the retreat is complete, you will have the option to join our  2-hour bi-weekly meetings for three subsequent months, to allow ample time to refine and implement the strategies decided upon.

Corporate and group pricing available upon request.

Ecuador Mind & Body Nature Retreat

May 4-9, 2023

B.A.Y. Lifestyle presents a fitness and mindfulness journey in the cool and picturesque mountains of Mejía, Ecuador.

Join us as we ground and strengthen your mind and your body. This rustic off the beaten path location will offer an all-inclusive experience of:

  • Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Healthy Organic Meals
  • Private / Shared Room
  • Two Activities included

Ecuador ELM Personal and Professional Wellness Mastermind Retreat
& 3 Month implementation Program Kickoff

May 10-14, 2023

Personal & Professional Evolutionary Life Mapping Event

This mastermind was designed for entrepreneurs and businesspeople who desire to take their personal and professional life experience to the next level.

Understand yourself at a deeper level by exploring your internal and external factors of health. Recognize your habits, selflimitations, and thought patterns to incorporate a healthier more aligned lifestyle that will serve you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Unfold and dissect the SWOT analysis of your company. Discover any roadblocks it is experiencing now in order to become clear and concise on what’s holding you back. Open yourself up to potential opportunities that may be available to elevate your business to the next level.

Masterminds allow you to discuss the personal and/or professional situations that you desire to gain clarity and progress on. The brilliance of your fellow peers coupled with a more receptive state of mind, will allow you to discover or different ways to move forward that will come from a place of experience, trust and desire for a more successful, joyful and aligned creation of life for all.

ELM Personal & Business Evolution Mastermind
Isabella, PR

September 1-4, 2023

Mastermind groups exist due to the tremendous success individuals receive due to their involvement with them. The insights and feedback that the Mastermind process provides for its participants has been a part of how individuals and business leaders have been creating opportunities and solutions for eras. 

Join us in the tropical US territory of Puerto Rico and connect with a similar-minded group of individuals, as we create an atmosphere where you can brainstorm, develop ideas and create solutions that can transform your life and business goals. 

Our ELM Mastermind begins in a retreat style setting, as a three-day event, in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Once the retreat is done, we will be meeting bi-weekly for two hours for three subsequent months, to allow ample time to refine and implement the strategies decided upon.

Corporate and group pricing available upon request.

Yoga Mentorship Program

As an individual, you may choose our Yoga mentorship program if you desire to incorporate Yoga into your life and don’t know how or where to start or if you have been practicing and know that there is more to the practice and are curious to find out. Yoga teachers often use Mentorship Programs to advance their career or take their yoga business to the next level.

The mentorship relationship is based on developing your ability to incorporate the lifestyle of yoga or to help teachers develop their sequencing, cueing and class delivery skills. Through our Yoga Mentorship program, you can develop your skills as a practitioner in your private practice or as a teacher you can elevate your ability to lead others in the practice.

Curated Corporate ELM Business Evolution Mastermind

Designed with the need of your department, company or industry in mind, these ELM Masterminds are curated to offer you a customized experience that will allow for the environment of openness, growth and creativity that is required for an integrated and transformational experience.

Our personalized ELM events start at $9,995 and can last anywhere from one day to one week. They are always all inclusive and every detail is planned with your utmost convenience in mind.

Contact Johanna for more information and to discuss all the details!


Professional ELM Evolutionary Mentorship

Need a personalized experience to elevate your specific life circumstance? 

We can design a program that will mastermind and assist you in resolving and elevating all situations faced in your personal and professional life.

Personal Desires

In addition to internal and external factors, your happiness is influenced by your personal desires. 

Your personal desires are just that – personal. They are the factors in our lives that are specific to our individual experiences and preferences and encompass everything we aspire to. These may include: 

  • Your Unique Personal Dreams & Desires
  • Your Style or Image Makeover
  • Desire to Contribute to Others – Volunteering / Charity

By analyzing your internal and external factors of health as they relate to your personal desires, we can begin the process of life mapping.

Ready to get started? Schedule a free consultation at the bottom of the page!

Internal and External Factors of Health

Studies show that health leads to happiness and vice versa. Your health is influenced by many complex and interconnected factors that range from social to emotional to environmental. We believe there are eight main factors of health that influence whether or not we lead happy lives. Four are internal and four are external. 

Internal factors — also known as hereditary factors or acquired elements — include smoking and personal diet or eating habits. 

  • Physical Health 
  • Emotions, Attitudes & Moods 
  • Psychological & Mental Health 
  • Spirituality

External factors pertain to the direct outer environment, the geographical location and micro-organisms that could affect an individual’s health.

  • Surroundings & Environment
  • Relationships & Social Life or Interactions
  • Finances
  • Career 

Internal – Who I Am

Physical health relates to the way you treat your physical body. Despite only being guaranteed one physical body in our lifetimes, prioritizing exercise and eating a healthy diet often end up on the back burner. In our experience, being in good physical health is essential to happiness, and one of the core internal factors of health which we focus on in ELM – Evolutionary Life Mapping.

Emotional health is the way we think and feel. Your emotional health is a vibration that starts with the state of your mind. As you adapt to changes in your lifestyle, habits, and patterns within the ELM process, it’s crucial to deeply understand the state of your thoughts and emotions and how these manifest externally.

They’re often used interchangeably, but emotional and psychological health are unique. Emotional health deals with our state of mind and how it responds to positive and negative situations; while psychological health deals with the chemical makeup of our brain. It is important to understand your overall outlook and how it may be affected by the chemical composition of your brain and your subconscious mind. Once you understand your unique psychology, you can influence your state of mind via holistic means. Remember: knowledge is power. It’s only when you’re fully aware that you can alter any state of mind that does not serve your overall happiness.

Spiritual health includes a purposeful life, transcendence and actualization of different dimensions and capacities of human beings. At B.A.Y. Lifestyle, we believe that spirituality is often a meaningful path towards happiness. We never judge or manipulate your spirituality or lack thereof. Instead, we nurture whatever spiritual path you choose and help you determine. Whether you hike to connect to nature, attend church to connect to God, meditate to connect to universal consciousness, meditate to connect to universal consciousness, or do yoga to connect to your own divine energy, our job is to support and guide.

External – What I Do

Environmental health encompasses all the external factors that affect our healthiness and wellbeing. These factors can include everything from the music you listen to the shows you watch or your clothing and physical address. Your environment is largely determined by choice, so we look at all aspects of your life and help you determine whether it’s aligned with your personal path towards happiness.

Social health, which can be defined as how you interact with others and express yourself to the external world, is the broadest category that we tackle in ELM. Social health is impacted by your family, friendships and other relationships, new people you meet for the first time, how you view and value your personal time, and sharing your gifts via charitable acts or acts of giving. How we navigate these relationships and scenarios are a major factor of health.

Your finances greatly affect your overall health. Stress, from any source, can express itself physically and emotionally. Often, financial stressors can lead to major challenges in your life and prevent you from achieving lasting happiness.

There are jobs and there are careers. Your career health depends much on how you look at your profession. The level of satisfaction you receive from your job is very important to your overall health as it helps build your sense of worth and accomplishment. Whether you are the owner of the business or working up the corporate ladder, you should feel energized by the thing you spend most of your life doing.

Our Programs

ELM – Evolutionary Life Mapping Method

This weekend retreat is meant to create a safe space for you to deeply uncover yourself and your conditioning in order to understand your current life circumstances and understand what tools are available for you to implement lifestyle changes that will elevate your life to a more aligned experience!

  • Day 1 Morning – Breakfast, Life Mapping 101, Meditation
  • Day 1 Afternoon – Our internal and physical conditioning
  • Day 1 Evening  – Movie Night
  • Day 2 Morning – Meditation, Yoga, Breakfast,  Our external conditioning
  • Day 2 Afternoon – Tools to Elevate your life
  • Day 2 Evening – Optional dinner and Departure

Additional Options for personalized life mapping events and customized retreats available upon request.

In person retreats: 8 hour (1 day) or 13 hours (2 days) | Zoom options: 6 hour (1 day) or 11 hour (2 days) | Group or Private Setting

Schedule a Discovery to Begin >

6-Week Elevate Your Body and Free Your Mind Training

You asked and you shall receive! This is a condensed version of our 100 hour program which focuses on how to incorporate a Yoga Lifestyle into our daily life!

  • Week 1 – 360-degree view of Yoga philosophy
  • Week 2 – Understanding the conditions of your mind
  • Week 3 – Applying Yoga in your daily life
  • Week 4 – Practice Day
  • Week 5 – Understanding your current and desired state of life
  • Week 6 – Incorporating these teachings efficiently

Additional Options for personalized life mapping events and customized retreats available upon request.

6-week On-line Course | Zoom Training | Contact us for our current schedule

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ELM Testimonials

Simply put, Johanna is a great mentor. She is very knowledgeable in her craft and extremely passionate about helping others. Since I started working with Johanna, I can honestly say it has been the absolute best. Johanna helps you release the fears that come with implementing new habits and change, while being an example of what living a passionate life should be. She is firm without being too pushy and makes sure the job gets done. I would highly recommend working with her and I look forwards to continue using her as a resource even after my goals have been met.

Alex C

When I met Johanna I was obese, ashamed of my appearance, with no self esteem and had a skyrocketing blood pressure, on the verge of a heart attack or stoke. My introduction to yoga and the support I received by Johanna was life changing. Through yoga she immediately got me to start taking care of myself. She knew when to push me hard and when to let up. Her introduction to yoga and her support were life changing. Today I am 70 pounds lighter, a certified Yoga teacher with a new overall lease in life. Johanna was a crucial influence in the life changes I made to better myself and find my purpose. Her compassion her energy and her drive are remarkable. If you come to her for help, she simply will not stop until you are on the road to bettering yourself and fulfilling your purpose.

Howard S

I have experienced different types pf programs with Johanna since 2008, and she is just simply amazing. She puts so much energy, life and dedication into what she does. I have always felt like she cares about me reaching my goals as much as I do. Her positive attitude combined with her commitment makes her an amazing mentor. It’s great that now that she offers a lot of programming online, I am able to continue taking courses and having her as a resource time and time again!

Lura Beth M

I have had a lot of trainers and mentors for the past 15 years. What separated B.A.Y. Lifestyle is their ability to make genuine connections with their clients. Johanna is an extremely good listener which gives her the ability to offer the appropriate tools to meet her client’s specific needs.

Jeremy S

Johanna is the first female mentor I have had. I chose her because she is bilingual, and it was very important for me to understand everything I needed to improve my health and mind. I like her personality and her smile kept me positive when I needed.

Juan C