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The first step towards making a lasting change in your life is recognizing that a change needs to happen in the first place. Facing the issues you are currently experiencing is only half the battle. The other half is identifying and understanding the root causes of those issues.

When you understand and address both of these head-on, you finally begin to uncover where elements in your life are misaligned and open yourself to incorporating positive, lasting change into your lifestyle and the way you approach your mind, your thoughts, and your life.

Services We Offer

Beyond Asana Yoga School

Johanna Godinez stepped on the mat for the first time more than 15 years ago. Her purpose now is to share the ancient knowledge and philosophy in order to ignite others’ self-exploration and enlightenment.

Retreats + Events

Join us in magnificent locations and take time to recharge, reflect, and connect deeper with nature and your surroundings. We offer a number of retreats in various adventurous locations to assist you in forging your path to wellness.

ELM Programs

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, dissatisfied, or unhappy, you’re not alone. While it’s true that genetics and life circumstances have a role to play, your happiness is largely in your control. We help you focus on the building blocks of happiness.

B.A.Y. Lifestyle is your resource to bring long-lasting positive change by understanding and incorporating the Yoga philosophy into your life

Life Mapping Testimonials

Simply put, Johanna is a great mentor. She is very knowledgeable in her craft and extremely passionate about helping others. Since I started working with Johanna, I can honestly say it has been the absolute best. Johanna helps you release the fears that come with implementing new habits and change, while being an example of what living a passionate life should be. She is firm without being too pushy and makes sure the job gets done. I would highly recommend working with her and I look forwards to continue using her as a resource even after my goals have been met.

Alex C

When I met Johanna I was obese, ashamed of my appearance, with no self esteem and had a skyrocketing blood pressure, on the verge of a heart attack or stoke. My introduction to yoga and the support I received by Johanna was life changing. Through yoga she immediately got me to start taking care of myself. She knew when to push me hard and when to let up. Her introduction to yoga and her support were life changing. Today I am 70 pounds lighter, a certified Yoga teacher with a new overall lease in life. Johanna was a crucial influence in the life changes I made to better myself and find my purpose. Her compassion her energy and her drive are remarkable. If you come to her for help, she simply will not stop until you are on the road to bettering yourself and fulfilling your purpose.

Howard S

I have experienced different types pf programs with Johanna since 2008, and she is just simply amazing. She puts so much energy, life and dedication into what she does. I have always felt like she cares about me reaching my goals as much as I do. Her positive attitude combined with her commitment makes her an amazing mentor. It’s great that now that she offers a lot of programming online, I am able to continue taking courses and having her as a resource time and time again!

Lura Beth M

I have had a lot of trainers and mentors for the past 15 years. What separated B.A.Y. Lifestyle is their ability to make genuine connections with their clients. Johanna is an extremely good listener which gives her the ability to offer the appropriate tools to meet her client’s specific needs.

Jeremy S

Johanna is the first female mentor I have had. I chose her because she is bilingual, and it was very important for me to understand everything I needed to improve my health and mind. I like her personality and her smile kept me positive when I needed.

Juan C