Simply put, Johanna is a great mentor. She is very knowledgeable in her craft and extremely passionate about helping others. Since I started working with Johanna, I can honestly say it has been the absolute best. Johanna helps you release the fears that come with implementing new habits and change, while being an example of what living a passionate life should be. She is firm without being too pushy and makes sure the job gets done. I would highly recommend working with her and I look forwards to continue using her as a resource even after my goals have been met.

Alex C.

If you want an average experience then choose average instructors. But if you want an amazing experience choose Beyond Asana Yoga. This is the best 200 hour Teacher Training out there!!! Johanna is incredibly knowledgeable in a variety of areas including yoga philosophy, physical abilities, meditation, mindfulness, and even the business of yoga. This is a comprehensive experience and I highly recommend it!!!!!  Sign up today and watch your perspective and your life change for the better! Pure magic!!! I’m filled with so much gratitude to have successfully achieved my Yoga Instructor Certification. A huge “thank you” to Johanna and Manjeet and my loved ones for always supporting me on my adventures.

Michelle D.

When I met Johanna I was obese, ashamed of my appearance, with no self esteem and had a skyrocketing blood pressure, on the verge of a heart attack or stoke. My introduction to yoga and the support I received by Johanna was life changing. Through yoga she immediately got me to start taking care of myself. She knew when to push me hard and when to let up. Her introduction to yoga and her support were life changing. Today I am 70 pounds lighter, a certified Yoga teacher with a new overall lease in life. Johanna was a crucial influence in the life changes I made to better myself and find my purpose. Her compassion her energy and her drive are remarkable. If you come to her for help, she simply will not stop until you are on the road to bettering yourself and fulfilling your purpose.

Howard S.

I have experienced different types pf programs with Johanna since 2008, and she is just simply amazing. She puts so much energy, life and dedication into what she does. I have always felt like she cares about me reaching my goals as much as I do. Her positive attitude combined with her commitment makes her an amazing mentor. It’s great that now that she offers a lot of programming online, I am able to continue taking courses and having her as a resource time and time again!

Laura Beth M.

I have had a lot of trainers and mentors for the past 15 years. What separated B.A.Y. Lifestyle is their ability to make genuine connections with their clients. Johanna is an extremely good listener which gives her the ability to offer the appropriate tools to meet her client’s specific needs.

Jeremy S.

Johanna is the first female mentor I have had. I chose her because she is bilingual, and it was very important for me to understand everything I needed to improve my health and mind. I like her personality and her smile kept me positive when I needed.

Juan C.

B.A.Y. Lifestyle is awesome. Johanna developed a wellness program for our corporation based on the results of our ELM. The way she interacted and supported us was amazing. She was knowledgeable, energetic and enthusiastic which is very important, because it motivated us to stick to the program for the entire duration and beyond.

Oscar V.

Johanna developed a health and wellness program for our community (Monte Claro). The program was outstanding and fun, and she delivered on time 100% of the time. She is highly recommended if you wish to establish a program for your company or community.

Nyrma M.

Johanna is an amazing resource to help you get serious about your health and improving your life. She understands the body, nutrition as well as habit improvements and has an ability to keep you motivated even when life get hard.

Ketty C.

Johanna is awesome, so professional and inspiring. I have been working with her since 2014 in NY, have been to retreats with her in Costa Rica and just attended her latest retreat in Puerto Rico. She has inspired me to get into the healthiest I have been in my life, and she has inspired my daughters as well, which I am incredibly grateful for. I just love how she can connect with people of every walk of life.

Edith A.

If you want a mentor who will make you work hard, have no excuses and take care of your health, Johanna is your gal. She has an ability to make you laugh and cry at the same time (in a good way). She is dedicated and passionate about elevating you to live your best life. Johanna will give you the ability to take your life to next level and has a team that will support you every step of the way.

Clari L.

Johanna is always challenging you to do more. She is a stickler for detail and is very successful with her techniques. She knows when to push you to the extreme. She brings a tremendous amount of energy that serves to motivate you to give your all and succeed.

John B.

I am very happy working with Johanna and her team. Her coaching has helped me obtain the best health of my life. I feel stronger and have more energy and drive that I have had in years. I highly recommend working her!

Kevin D.

Johanna is outstanding, energetic, takes in the entire picture, makes a plan and goes. Happens to be a very kind individual and amazing asset to change your lifestyle and create happiness and health.

Felicia Z.

Johanna has been my mentor on and off for numerous times during the past number of years and I can’t recommend her enough. She is a very sweet and friendly woman who is full of energy, reliable and effective. She is able to give me the push I need when I can’t seem to get out of my own way. She tailors her programs to my personal needs, schedule and abilities and super knowledgeable about habits, health and life overall. Johanna demonstrates that she honestly cares. I can always count on her to truthfully and promptly answer any questions I may have. As I achieve my goals, I look forward to setting new ones. I am undeniably happy with the results I have obtained thus far because I feel so much better about my health and my life.

Thank you, Johanna, for going above and beyond in your efforts to make this new lifestyle transition an achievable one. Not only have I gained knowledge and strength…but I have also gained a great friend along the way!

Carleen G.

Johanna is very helpful and encouraging.

Claudia R.

Wonderful mentor. Has a lot of knowledge and a wonderful positive attitude.

Patrick H.

Johanna helped me through my weight loss and lifestyle improvement journey. I have had the pleasure of working with her one on one and in a small group setting and she has been nothing but amazing in each experience. From the moment I met her she has been nothing but passionate and determined to help me reach my goals. Her determination has kept me motivated to stay on track and has helped to push me when I feel like I can no longer continue. Like she says, “I can’t doesn’t exist in my dictionary”. Since working with her I feel healthier and happier with myself. Thank you, Johanna, for helping me with my life transformation and I look forward to even more positive changes coming along with your help. I highly recommend Johanna to anyone who wants a mentor who is passionate, knowledgeable, professional and flexible enough to work around your specific needs.

Shirley P.

Johanna is a great mentor. I highly recommend her for all types of people. Even when you are not in her presence, she can be a great motivator who gets you excited about the process of change.

Debra M.

Johanna and Manjeet led the 200 hour teacher training that I was certifyed in. I am impressed at their level of knowledge of yoga phylosophy and the practice over all, it opened my eyes to things I never thought were possible. I trully enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to sharing it with others.

Leo N.

Being asked to describe Johanna’s knowledge and how she tre translates it to her clients is like asking one to describe very single star on a mid summer night. There is simply too many, yet each unique in their own way. Johanna has been working with me in my yoga practice for over 5 years and she game a totally different perspective on the practice. Johanna created a practice that was designed specifucally for me health, flexibility and fitness level and has been able to demonstrate the importance of my breathing techniques and focus. Johanna has offered 100% dedication and works effortlessly to ensure her clients receive the best mentoship possible in order for them to achieve their goals. I highly recommend Johanna and look forward to using her services for many years to come.

Mike D.

What was once a five-years long pipe dream has materialized! As I graduated Beyond Asana Yoga’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training! Much gratitude to Johanna and Manjeet for co-teaching and leading us into a deeper pathway in our knowledge and yoga practice. I was sweating bullets teaching mock classes and piecing everything together… the breath, movement, chakras, muscle, feelings… Namaste to my classmates Leo and Michelle who put up with my giggles and uncontrollable laughter in class. Yoga is my medicine.

Mingmay C.

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