Since being back from Bali I feel like I have greater awareness of our connection with others. Feeling more connected leads to feeling a greater sense compassion and empathy, as we become more aware of our connection with others and the fact that we all experience ups and downs as we go through this human experience.

Understanding and implementing the principles of Yoga has helped me see and accept the perfection within the imperfection of the human experience and has helped me become a more empathic person towards others I come into contact with.

This weekend I had the privilege of being asked to support a Facebook group that is comprised of about 4,000 members from all over the world. As I went about my day I couldn’t help to come back to the individuals that I met and the problems that each individual was facing. There is loss, fear, doubt, anger, even exasperation.

I started pondering of times when I have experienced difficulties and remembered how much I had wished that someone would be there who I could open up to that could understood what I was feeling.

Reflecting on this made it much easier for me to comprehend what another person is going through, and to fully share and have compassion for their experience.

Yoga helps us become conscious of issues that we have and how our minds exasperates those issues. It allows us a greater realization of the power of our thoughts and our actions when it comes to resolving and moving forward from situations. A greater appreciation of how merely being human unites us with each other, can help us empathize and identify with the situations others are facing, by allowing us to see more of ourselves in them.

By appreciating the oneness in everything we start to understand that we are all merely a part of one universal consciousness or spirit, meaning that there is no separation from our self and others, only a shared awareness that we somehow exist.