Its time to welcome a new year!

Many times, what should be a time to relax and reflect is marred by loneliness, fear, regret, and the pressure of getting everything done and making sure everyone is happy.

The holiday season can aggravate that feeling, as we find ourselves even more busy and unable to concentrate on the things that are most important to us.

However, the holiday season doesn’t have to be a time of stress… a little mindfulness and a sprinkle of yoga can help you manage this holiday season better than ever before.

This Holiday season you can do your best to release the expectations that you place on yourself and others and just let the holidays happen and be what they will be. It will allow you to enjoy yourself more and allow you to accept what this new year has in store for you.

I hope you can carve out space in your busy schedule for self-care, loved ones, relaxing, and just being in the present moment.

Being mindful, in the present, allows you to feel your emotions (whatever they may be) and become the observer of your thoughts without being overwhelmed by them.

You can take a few moments to take deep breaths and notice your feelings and thoughts. Stress tends to show up when we are concerned with the past or future, rather than experiencing the present.

Lets take this time to release the past and develop a vision for what we are working towards manifesting for ourselves with every moment, every action and evrey word.

From the B.A.Y. Lifestyle family to yours, I would like to take this opportunity to wish our clients, students, members, and community a Happy Holiday and a new year full of adventure, health, and joy.

We are really looking forward to connecting with you in the new year, and supporting you in conquering your health, yoga, wellness, professional growth, mindfulness, and self-development goals.