The new year is here! We have set up resolutions and goals for both ourselves and our businesses and it is time to find a way to make sure they are accomplished. If you established a goal to elevate yourself life or your business this new year, you could consider hiring an experienced and professional coach.

To hire a coach is to invest in a business or personal tool that we can use when we elevating our lives or our business to the next level. Whether it’s your businesses marketing strategy, your mindset, or your chess playing skills, the question isn’t if you should hire a coach, but how can you hire the right coach.

Being a solopreneur means that there were many times at the beginning of my career when I was so frustrated that I just wanted to give up and go work for someone else. I felt like I was doing so much and working so hard but really, I was just going around in circles without getting anywhere and unsure as to what to do differently.

As a coach myself, I know first-hand the difference a coach can make in someone’s life when they provide them the tools necessary to change the direction of their business or their lives.

For me it was obvious that if I was feeling stuck, I should seek a professional coach that has enough success and experience to help me grow to the next level.

Having a mentor allowed me to create a level of clarity and success that allowed me a way to better define and grow my business.

When searching for the coach that is right for your needs or the needs of your business, it is important to have a clear view of what you are looking to achieve so that you can find a good fit.

Here are a few factors to consider:

➡️ What issues are you wanting to address?

➡️ What do you desire to gain from the coaching relationship?

➡️ What values are required so that they can be aligned with your personal values or business values?

➡️ What is their success rate?

➡️ Do they have specific knowledge with your situation or the issues your business is facing?

➡️ Are their methods effective?

➡️ Do they have testimonials or references?

➡️ How will their offering allow you or your business to up-level in the way that you require?

The items above are just a small number of factors to consider. They aim to get you to consider how to maximize your investment and ensure the outcome that you desire.