Stress happens not because of the nature of your life, but due the reaction you have towards it.

The Prime Minister is complaining of stress, the peon is also complaining of stress, in between, every other person, is saying their job is stressful. Those who are highky succesful and those who are unemployed both have the ability to find their situation stressful.

If you are suffering due to your job and you get fired, will you find joy?

If the answer is NO, then the stress is not really about your job, is it?

Stress is just your inability to manage yourself or your system.

It is just that… we do not know how to manage our body, our mind, our emotions, our energy, our thoughts, our chemistry… we areally are not taught how to manage anything about ourselves.

If we are not being intentional and we are functioning by accident, then everything can be stressful.

However, people and life situations don’t actually have the power to make you stressful, it is your compulsive reaction to them which creates the stress.

If you get into a car and when you turn the steering wheel one way, the car goes in the opposite direction, you’ll be stressed, wount you?

Right now, that may be the kind of mechanism you are driving in. Without understanding anything about about your being, just by chance, you may be blundering through life – and of course, that causes you to be stressful.

➡️ Stress is not due to the nature of the activity that we are performing or because of our life situation.

➡️ Stress happens because we are not taught how to manage our own system.

➡️ Stress is our inability to manage the inner situation, not the outer situation.

✅ There is a systematic way where you can take charge of your inner situation.

✅ You can learn to manage your being and make your body, mind, emotions, energy and chemistry pleasant and joyful.

✅ This is exactly what Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation is all about… teaching you about your being, providing tools to manage and diminish a stressful way of life.