The impact of the yoga philosophy and incorporating a yoga lifestyle goes way beyond the strength and flexibility you obtain in your physical body, but the clarity and understanding that you have in your mind.

After meeting up with friend I had not seen in a while, we chit chatted and when we got caught up, she confided in me that her daughter had finished high school and was super lost as to what to do with her life. “She is an artist who is a self-proclaimed rebel, she refuses to give into living a life dictated by society and just desires to create art and live from her art but doesn’t really know how to that. She doesn’t want to go to college, she considers that… giving into the system and signing her death contract… her words” She was worried for her daughter’s future and, knowing that she had a track record of self-destructive behavior, she was desperate to help her find some clarity and light.

I told her to invite her to come down to PR and join us in a Yoga Teacher Training Immersive Retreat. She laughed and said “My daughter would never do yoga. She thinks woman who do yoga are trying to fill some void by wearing skimpy clothes and trying to get attention.”

What a thought… I considered that this may be a case for a select few, however I clarified to her… “Yoga can be a way for her to learn how to channel her energy into creating a life that allows her to continue living her purpose though the self-expression of her art. Yoga is how we lessen the conversations in our minds and fluctuations in our energy, and mood. By understanding our thoughts and how our mind creates the reality that we experience in our lives, we can begin to more intentionally create the life that we desire to live.” I gave her all the information to give her daughter and we changed the subject.

I’m not sure exactly what led her to ask her mom to tell me to call her, but I’m glad she did. It was amazing watching the metaphorical light bulbs going off in her head. She was so young. I wish I could have had this wisdom at her age. She never became a yoga teacher, as most of our students don’t. They come to learn how to better implement the teaching into their lives and get a better idea on what paths they can follow within the practice that will lead them to creating a happier more intentional life for themselves.

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