Reflection can help us look back at what the unique situations that we have been faced with in life. As we notice what has led us to where we are this moment we can determine whether we are on the right path or determine ways that we can shift to create a path worth traveling.

Through reflection, oftern times we start to discover or determine our purpose; that idea that can propel us towards generating internal fulfillment and joy. As we gain the ability to look at a bigger picture and make a plan and potential steps that we can follow, we realize that although everything may not go as planned, when we trust that our purpose is higher than life, we learn to see obstacles as lessons which allow us to grow as a person.

If we can stay strong in our convictions and persist through the tough times that we all inevitably face, we are able to emerge on the other side with a newfound appreciation for our efforts, our successes and our entire experience of life.

When we face challenges, it is important not to feel like our efforts are failing or gain a feeling of hopelessness. When we become down on ourselves, we become unable to see the opportunities that inevitably present themselves when we least expect them.

As we start to embrace the lessons that our challenges offer us, we find that the opportunities that arise from them are often lessons we need to learn to sustain our achievements and realize our deepest desires, as without those we probably wouldnt be able to recognize the blessings that come in disguise.