In my younger years, the allure of constant movement and exploring different corners of the US and the world captivated my spirit. The nomadic lifestyle became a defining characteristic they I defined myself as; the concept of settling down seemed alien to me.

However, as I navigate my 40s, a profound shift has taken place. The restlessness that once fueled my travels has given way to an appreciation for stability. The nomad in me has found solace in the warmth of family and the life I am creating. In embracing a settled existence, I’ve discovered a sense of rootedness that eluded me in my wanderlust-filled adventures where I lived on couches and depended on others for security (oftentimes even for a car to move around in).

Yoga has been my guiding light throughout this transformative journey. Its teachings echo the wisdom that life is a constant ebb and flow that we must learn to embrace and dance with. Through the practice of yoga, I’ve learned to be the observer of these shifts, finding peace by detaching from my own rigid ideals and embracing the beauty of change, openness, and flexibility.

As I reflect on the twists and turns of my life, I am filled with gratitude for the stability that settling down has brought. The daily rituals of family life, the comfort of a familiar space – these are the foundations upon which I now build my journey. Yoga, with its lessons of adaptability and mindfulness, has been instrumental in fostering this newfound appreciation for a life anchored in the present.

In my 40s, I’ve come to understand that true fulfillment lies not just in the thrill of constant movement but in the quiet joy of being rooted, of witnessing the subtle shifts of life with a heart open to change. The nomad within me has found a home, not in a place, but in the serenity that comes from embracing the richness of each passing moment.

If you’d like to learn how the practice can transform the way you think and see the world, I would love to a guiding light in your journey.