We are all Energy and energy is continuously vibrating what is important is that its vibrational frequency often changes in our thought and emotional patterns. The frequency of our emotions is measured in Hertz. The healthier and happier you are feeling the higher the frequency your vibrating at.

Because our emotions are continuously emitting a vibrational frequency, when we are in a good mood and feeling wholesome, our emotions emit a higher frequency versus when we are in a bad, sad, or angry mood when we emit low vibrational frequencies.

When, as business owners and entrepreneurs, we are experiencing lack, not gaining ground or feeling unsuccessful we become unhappy with what we are observing and create feelings which vibrate at a lower frequency (e.g. stress, fear, worry, anxiety, depression etc.); by doing so, we vibrationally reinforce what we are observing. The result is that we continue to attract more of what we don’t desire.

Notice your energy, manage your emotions and elevate your vibe!