I had been feeling down for a couple of days and after really meditating on it I realized that I get like this when I begin to my inner harmony and joy with the success of certain external conditions.

I am reminding myself that my ability to create harmony in my life depends on my ability to accept the things that I can not change and determine the ones that I can control.

For me it is primordial that I recognize that there will always be stressors present in my environment, the aim is to become aware and recognize that I am capable of intentionally creating and fostering serenity from within myself.

So today I am reminding myself of the fact that I can enjoy a sense of perfect contentment no matter what external circumstances are unfolding around me. Reminding myself that I can feel perfectly happy anywhere, at any point in my life, without having to hope that conditions will be This means that we can feel idyllic and happy anywhere, at any time in our lives, without having to desire that anything be different than how it is right now.

Today life seems utterly perfect, and it leaves me wondering how I could be feeling anything but joy regardless of the apparent conditions of life. It not like my life has really changed in any way. It’s just that I decided to choose to create my own happiness.

Joy and harmony are states that we develop within our Self, within our Soul. When we create this balance we can make sure that we always feel content and satisfied with our personal and professional life. The aim is to keep in the forefront of our mind that happiness is not something to be found outside ourselves.

So find happy moments today and every day as you acknowledging how you are creating your own joyful and fulfilled state of life.