Connecting with nature is a crucial part to human physical and psychological health.

We have created world in which greedy and power have led to actions that are disrupting the ecological balance of this planet.

We not only exploit and pollute our physical environment, but at a subtle level, we also affect the planet at an energetic level through the negative thoughts, actions and emotions we experience within ourselves and towards other beings around us.

These negative energies expanded and compounded again and again are the root cause of much of the violence and misery in this world.

As human beings, we have five levels of experience. We experience our environment, our physical bodies, our mind, our intuition and our true Self or spirit.

Our connection to our environment is the first level of experience. When we have a clean and positive environment, it has a positive impact on all other layers of our existence, giving us a good foundation to establish a sense balance, peace and connection within ourselves and with other beings.

When we feel disconnected and are plagued by negative energies we add to the violence and misery being experienced in this world.

By attending to our human psyche, we can tap into the root cause of pollution, both physical and emotional. As nature has a way to balance itself through the 5 elements, we must learn how to balance opposing forces, both within ourselves and in the world around us.

Take time to be present with nature to be a human being and understand that anything that is out of balance within this experience starts to come back to balance from within you!