We are currently experiencing an interesting time. The universe gave us a metaphorical pause and you either chose to numb your mind or took the time to sit back and reflect on what you desire to create in your life.

As humans we often forget to reflect on our gifts and potential, instead spending more time focusing on things that we perceive are wrong or not good enough about us. The fact is, there is something that you are uniquely brilliant at, and it special when you can recognize that for yourself.

Each of us is living a unique life, filled with distinctive lessons, a unique education and have developed a particular set of skills based on what we have been taught and our innate abilities. Have you taken the time to figure out what yours are?


Your unique abilities, difficulties and successes have led you to create a vision of yourself that help you realize what you are good at and what you desire to share with the world. Take time to reflect on your life, experiences and desires so you can bring to the forefront what your true gifts and purpose are.

Reflection will give you an ooprtunity to, with little emotion, look back at your unique situation and how they have led you to where you are and can to help you determine whether you are on a path towards your goals or you should find ways to shift and create a path worth traveling.


Faith is the belief you have in yourself that allows you to embark on a journey even when the outcome of that path is unknown. When you choose to live life out loud and share your passion with the world, it takes determination, tenacity, and massive action.

Through faith, you may confidently take steps, knowing that your efforts and abilities will allow you the chance to make your ultimate vision of life manifest. And although not everything may go as planned, when you trust that your purpose is higher than life, you learn to see obstacles as lessons which allow you to grow and evolve as a person.

“Optimism, positivity and faith create the foundation from which success can be built.” – Sharon Lecter


We live in an era of instant gratification where it is crucial to develop the virtue of patience. When you put out to the universe the vision that you desire to create, the timeline of the universe may take longer than you expect. As obstacles arise and get in the way, you must learn to see setbacks as the lessons that you need to be to be bale to create, appreciate and sustain your ultimate success.

When faced with inevitable challenges throughyouour path, we must learn to see these as obstacles to be overcome instead of finite failures that stop us in our tracks.

“Failure is our inability to learn a lesson or our unwillingness to attempt it one more time.” – Johanna Godinez

When you have a true desire, you remain strong in your convictions and persist through the tough times, to emerge on the other side with a newfound appreciation for your efforts and your life. Never forget that your current circumstance, although may be challenging, is only temporary but giving up is final.


Often times we have loads to be grateful for but find ourselves focusing on the issues or what is going wrong. As you shift your perspective and begin looking at your gifts, accomplishments and lessons the situations you are facing begin to change. Anytime you focus solely on the problem, you fail to see the potential solutions, as your minds can only focus on one thing at the time.

Shifting your energy from hopelessness to hopefulness will allow you the ability to take what you learn from your challenges so you can use that to create your most masterful life.


“Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill

As you make plans and establish goals, you can start to see more clearly what you desire to create, however, things do not always turn out exactly as planned. When challenges arise, you may become disillusioned with your progress and begin to doubt yourself or your ability to accomplish what you have set out to achieve.

If you can keep the end in mind and become able to shift your perspective, these challenges will no longer be obstacles that hold you back, but instead lessons that propel you forward.

When we embrace the situations that life offers us, we find that the opportunities that arise from them are often lessons we need to learn to sustain our achievements and realize our deepest desires.