One of the things that stifles our ability to connect to the universe is to stop being creative.

When we spend our time and mind space thinking about what we lack our vibration lowers and we may feel like success and fulfillment are ideals that are out of our grasp.

When we shift and focus on being creative, we allow our imagination to flow and our ingenuity can help us find innovative ways to approach our situations in life.

A feeling of lack of a particular thing, can be addressed by altering our perspective and creating awareness of potential things we may do to address it with the things that we do have. Yoga allows us an avenue towards that awareness and gives us a path towards action.

Focusing on what you can create with not much more than your imagination and a few things at your disposal will give you a deeper understanding of the wealth and abundance you already possess.

This creativity and hope for what we can create lets us shift to see things from new and altered perspectives. This can give us appreciation and recognition for the abundance that is always permeating in our lives.