The maxim, or aphorism, of “know thyself” has been pondered and discussed by sages and philosophers of all times. Knowing ourselves is crucial on the path of personal and spiritual growth. But there are varying interpretations of what finding ourselves actually means. It could mean gaining to a deeper understanding of who we are as a individuals or deciphering what desire in life, or it may be to become more aware of our habitual thought patterns, judgements, emotions, and actions or it may be as simple of being more grounded in the present moment.

Yoga can be a helpful tool for all types of self-reflection and self-development. Now more than ever it seems important to take time to come back to ourselves and to gain a deeper understanding of our true Self.

In a world where society is dictating more and more how we should act and feel and in which our identification with external items, situations, titles, and conditions prevails it is crucial for our evolution to begin to look within, as how we feel inside and our judgements and conditions are creating our reality and the way the world manifests in front of us.

Yoga is a 5,000 year old practice that can offer the solutions to the many forms of suffering that are currently plaguing humans today. Instead of spending all of your free time distracting your mind, creating scenarios or scrolling through social media, sit with how you are and what you are feeling and notice what comes up…

What conversations are you having?
How is your mental chatter affecting your emotions?
Are the conversations serving your higher state of being or are they making you suffer?

The journey towards loving ourselves fully is seeing the love in every piece that creates the picture of our lives and yoga is the lens through which we can view it more fully.