Take a minute for yourself, to be with yourself, to observe yourself….

Our thinking minds are not passive observers of our reality; in fact, our minds are actively creating our reality. Understanding who we are and being aware of our mindset is a key component to unlocking our physical and mental health and to understanding our habits and behavioral patterns.

The brain uses our past experiences to predict what the world looks and sounds like; it creates a vision of the world based on those predictions.

Our hallucination or perspective of reality or “the brain’s model of the world” is what we experience as our reality and therefore what we see as the “real world” around us.

Meditation is a tool that allows you the space required in our thinking mind to experience a deeper truth. As we connect to universal intelligence or that ever-present force that is within everything, we realize that there is one quantum field that everything is happening in and that we all have access to and are a part of.

Through stillness we may gain access to our subconscious mind, where we are able to connect to the limitless power of the universe. You gain access to this power through meditation and therefore meditation is what allows us peace and united us all.