There is a oneness that unites us all. When we recognize this, we can more readily accept that each of us is on an individual journey that ultimately leads to the same universal spirit.

Appreciating the variety and uniqueness, while being able to see the oneness at the same time, is a crucial step on our own path toward growth and enlightenment.

We affirm and honor our connection to others by respecting the differences and acknowledging that we are all of the same spirit and consciousness.

Instead of focusing on the ego and the separateness, attempt to internally bless them and send them a quiet ‘Namaste (the sacred and divine light in me honors that which is sacred and divine in you).

The power behind this word can serve to connect you with others in a more profound way, making it more easier for you to see the similarity and oneness between you and the other person.

Being in gratitude and blessing others is a way for you to embrace and more fully accept the diversity of the journey and the multiple paths that exist.

Welcome to yoga, your path back home. 🙏🏼