Debunking some of the teacher training myths!

#1 Yoga Teacher Training is for people who want to teach yoga

YTT is not just for people who want to teach yoga. To teach others you must first teach yourself, therefore YTT is a great way to really understand the lifestyle and philosophy of yoga and to learn the proper way to incorporate a physical practice of Yoga ofryourself, so you can share it with others if you so desire.

#2 You learn the same thing in YTT that you would in a Yoga class

You learn so much more in a Yoga Teacher Training than you would in a yoga class. In a one hour yoga class you are very limited to what you can learn about the practice, they mainly focus on the asanas and the quick movement from one pose to the next lessens your ability for the teacher to convey and for you to really feel what should be happening in the pose.

#3 In YTT you only learn about yoga poses or asana

During a 200 or 300 hour YTT program you learn a lot more than just the poses. You learn about the history and philosophy of yoga, anatomy of the poses, anatomical variations of the human body and how to incorporate a yoga practice into your life, no matter what stage your life is on.

#4 You need to be an advanced practitioner to attend a Yoga Teacher Training

You do not need to be an advanced practitioner to come to YTT. You just need to have the willingness to be open minded. During the program you will be taught all you need to know to incorporate yoga into your life and te4ach others if you so desire.

#5 Yoga Teacher Trainings are expensive

YTT really isn’t that expensive when you consider what goes into leading one. First the school needs to hire staff to market the training for 4-6 months before the training starts, we need to hire teachers to lead you during the training, (when it is retreat style) we house you, feed you and give you all the materials you need to successfully complete the course. Not only that, you are receiving a skill that you can put to work for you the minute you receive your certificate.

You can check out our yoga school and join us in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica or any other location we may be offering this training in!