Consider those times when you’re working so hard to accomplish your goals and nothing seems to be working.

To move forward with our vision, especially when we are facing obstacles, we must face the situations that are arising. As we start to notice what shows up we can decide what actions must be take to go to the next level and move past thoughts or circumstances.

As we acknowledge the situations that arise, we can move through them with acceptance; because we (knowingly or unknowingly) play a part in creating our situations, so taking responsibility moves us out of a state of victimhood and empowers us to move forward and learn the lessons that the situation is gifting us with.

Part of the human condition, is that we are here to learn and grow. How we adapt is determined by what we take with us as we go through circumstances and either become better humans by learning life’s lessons, or are bound to repeat the lessons until we adapt what we must from them.