When we realize that reality is what we make it, we understand how we can be enslaved by the way we live or think. What good is it to have external freedom, when we are too afraid to live how se want, do what we want, and hang out with the people we like… that is what true personal freedom entails. But let’s face it… we all have a personal definition of what the word freedom means. Some may consider freedom as being able to live the life you desire, doing the things we really love or being able to express ourselves to the fullest. But no matter how you choose to define the concept of freedom, there are various ways in which freedom can be achieved in our personal lives or our businesses.

Freedom from confusion

When we are clear on WHY we are doing the things that we are doing, we ca work the way we want, act the way we want and make the choices that we determine serve us. This means that when opportunities presents themselves, we can figure out if they are in alignment with our why, which allows us an avenue to make better choices regarding what we should or should not do.

Time freedom

The most valuable asset we possess is time, it is very powerful to have the freedom to do the things we love, when we want to do them without having restrains to hold us from it. Being able to take a long weekend, not work 40 hours week or be able to take time for ourselves is priceless. When we have the capacity to work on our own terms, we can better prioritize, set goals and focus on reaching our goals.

Freedom to release

Releasing can mean a lot of things. Letting go of a relationship that no longer serves us. Being able to let go and trust others to accomplish tasks that will allow you more time. Letting go of the past and the binds that past actions may have on our present experience of life. Or even releasing the sorrow that we hold on to when we face the loss of a loved one.

Financial freedom

There is much more to financial freedom than merely having money in the bank. To be financially free we must create enough wealth to not have to actively work to have our basic needs met. Being financially free enables us to spend our capital the way we want without having financial limitations.

Freedom of choice

One of the most underrated forms of freedom that we have in America is our freedom of choice. Being free to choose amongst various options in terms of where to invest, where to live, what to eat, what to buy, where to work… is a privilege and really one thing that determines our level of freedom.

Freedom to believe what serves us

Freedom of religion or being able to choose what we believe or if we even want to believe in something is a powerful thing. Our ability to learn, experience and decide what we believe this universe is comprised of gives us the ability to create and adopt the belief that serves us best and allows us the highest potential of growth.

Freedom to express authentically

Being free implies feeling at ease with who you are. It entails being aware of your identity and your values and living in alignment with that. When we feel compelled to present a different character to people depending on the situations we are facing, the perceptions of those around us confine us. Our genuine self becomes buried behind the persona we believe people desire or expect because we feel the need to be accepted.

Freedom to live the way we desire

It brings us an incredible amount of fulfillment to have the freedom to choose to live life as you desire to live it; having the freedom to pursue our own route to a successful life, rather than adopting the idea that everyone else has about it.

Living life on our own terms and walking off-beaten path, may lead us to struggle a bit as we carve our way through, but the result is our ability to live life how we desire. This level of freedom allows us to create a path that can leads to daily work that is more intentional and intrinsically meaningful, leading to an increased overall level fulfillment.

Freedom from debt

I want to be clear… Everyone can be financially independent, regardless of income level. It doesn’t require a net worth of millions to gain financial freedom; the key to financial freedom is either knowing how to leverage your debt or living debt free. Unless we understand how to leverage debt and we use it to our advantage, we can’t owe hundreds of thousands of dollars and expect to have the freedom to choose what we want all the time.

To be debt free we must learn to live within our means and not be tempted to spend on unnecessary luxuries, instead focusing on creating the independence needed to never have to rely on others for necessities like food, shelter, medical expenses, or clean clothing. Being financially independent allows us the ability to afford what we need to be comfortable and enjoy life, rather than being constantly preoccupied about how you’re going to make ends meet.

Freedom to create a team

I know this may sound weird, but being able to delegate work offers me a freedom to spend my time how I prefer. To properly delegate, we must first consider what we need help in and then have the courage to ask for the help when necessary. We cannot feel guilty, especially as entrepreneurs, to hire help for the jobs that you don’t enjoy or are way below your pay rate, but have to be done nonetheless.

I believe that many people refuse to delegate work because they’re afraid other people can’t do it as well as they can. But if they are clear on their needs and find the experts to assist, it will be done more efficiently and effectively, which will increase productivity and lower overall stress levels.

Freedom to incorporate healthy habits

Stress and overworking, combined with job dissatisfaction is a recipe for disaster. The illnesses and diseases that result from living an unhealthy lifestyle, limit your ability to be free. When we are not able to establish habits that bring us physical and mental health, such as yoga, hobbies and self-care, we are unable live a full life. When we develop physical ailments due to our lifestyle choices, or when we don’t make mental health a priority in our lives, we put ourselves in a position to develop physical or mental illnesses.

I must touch upon our ability to be free of addictions to food, alcohol, drugs, or any substances that restrict our ability to be in the present moment.

Freedom from fear

So many humans operate based on the foundation of fear; and fear keeps us from enjoying most of the freedom that we can create for ourselves. Fear is a completely subjective state that can include things like: fear of being alone, fear of failure, fear of unrealistic mental scenarios, fear of the future, fear of others, fear of death…

Fear is a feeling that imprisons us and blocks us from accepting the conditions and circumstances of our lives, while keeping us bound to our zone of comfort.

Fear has a terrible ability to keep people in toxic jobs or relationships, keep them from acting in their best interest, and overall keeping them from living their fullest and most fulfilled life.

With freedom comes a lot of unknown. We don’t know if we are making the right choice by stepping into our freedom. At least within our comfort zone, we’re comfortable. We may not be happy, but we know what to expect.

It is important to note that living without any fear is not possible. There is a healthy level of fear that keeps us safe, however it is

Essential to discover how to understand where the fear comes from so you can distinguish between the healthy fear which keeps you alive and the unnecessary fear which impedes your ability to live your most intentional life.

At the moment the meaning of freedom is more complex than we have been taught, or aware of. Freedom is more than just our right to free speech, democracy, religion or movement, to fully be free, we must accept that freedom challenges our current level of comfort and so we must commit to overcoming our fear and accepting that embodying our freedom takes a lifetime of effort.