Research has discovered that the simple habit of incorporating gratitude can single handedle change our entire outlook in life. Developing an attitude of gratitude requires us to create a daily habit of showing appreciation and being grateful for everything we have or is happening in our lives.

When we express appreciation towards our health, relationships, business, home, and mindset, these factors gain additional value in our lives and allow us to focus on the things that are truly essential to us. When we operate from this space, we start to experience more peace and an increase state of abundance. As we begin to cultivate a grateful mindset, we begin to feel happier, more positive, and more compassionate not only with others, but most importantly with ourselves. By focusing on things that make us feel grateful, we can develop the habit continuously focusing on and expressing appreciation towards what matter most to us in our lives.

Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

Developing a state of gratitude begins with the commitment to adapt a daily gratitude practice. This practice can begin by asking yourself every day what things you can be grateful for and journaling about those things. You may choose to end your day pondering what three things happened that day that you can be grateful for.

Gratitude is a way to reflect on our accomplishments, both big and small. It allows us an opportunity to metaphorically pat ourselves in the back and give ourselves credit for all wins that we accomplish, no matter how insignificant they may seem. It also allows the space to be grateful for other individuals that are there in our journey, inspiring us, helping us and support us as we grow. It also helps to surround yourself with individuals who have an overall grateful disposition.

Living in a state of gratitude increases our confidence and self-esteem. Being grateful improves how much joy we experience in the present moment regardless of what is going well or not going well in our lives, it allows us to focus on the positive, instead of dwelling on the negative. When we are experiencing gratitude daily, it not only improves our frequency and vibration, but it also begins to bleed on to all other people we encounter.