Meditation can improve our attention, elevate our ability to multi-task, clear our mind and allow us to relax and cope with stress by focusing on the present. The sense of balance and calm that meditation inspires can benefit our health, while even giving us a boost in our productivity.

In an article I recently wrote for Lating Business Today we discussed how in order to establish a foundation for incorporating meditation into our lives it requires dedication, time, and effort, just like creating any other habit.

As we experiment with different meditation practices, we can incorporate what works best for our own life and way of thinking. The more you practice coming back to the present during your meditations, the easier it becomes to incorporate coming back to what you are doing during your regular day, when thoughts threaten to either take you away from the present moment or cause some sort of energetic or emotional shift based on where they are taking you.

To explore 3 simple ways to incorporate a daily meditation practice check out the article I put together for  Latin Business Today !