Many of us are currently living with a whirlwind of expectations. This leads us to believe that to be happy in life, adjustments to our surroundings must be made. Unfortunately, when we think this way, we set ourselves up for disappointment. By saying to ourselves “I’ll be happy if…” we end up unknowingly keeping ourselves in a constant state of desire, and feeling like we, or what we have, are not enough.

We are creatures that made from energy, not just physical entities. This is the reason, when a person passes away, their physical body remains, but their life force, or prana, is no longer there. The good news is that by just changing our inner state, we can create any state we choose to feel from within and create a new reality manifesting for ourselves. If we have a clear vision of what we desire to create, we can act and make progress every day toward making that vision a physical reality.

Our mind and body are intertwined, not separate from one another, therefore what we think about, the energy we live in and our emotional reactions produce emotional states that our bodies react to physically. When these thoughts are negative, like fear and worry, they lead to trauma which accumulates in our physical bodies. Due to our tendency to hold onto bad emotions and recurrent ideas, the amount of consistent stress and trauma frequently result in illness or dis-ease. The aim is to become aware of the thoughts we have, what triggers them, and how they affect us, so we can start to alter how we react to them, and therefore the vibration that they ignite inside.

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