Goals are important because they give us timelines and direction for our actions. But over the years I have learned that it’s important to find satisfaction in each and every moment of the process of life.

I consider myself a perfectionist; always all in and full force. The problem with that is that I often felt like nothing was good enough, and I would become so absorbed in my work that it would pull me away from the important things in life. Sometimes it would feel like life was moving at a million miles an hour, and with so many projects, goals and deadlines, I would consistently feel restless and preoccupied.

When we have such high expectations for ourselves and others we often end up frustrated and feeling like we or others are not good enough or getting things done fast enough. If our goals and deadlines are causing us unnecessary pressure and undue frustration, it may be time to rethink, and reflect on their importance, and whether or not the feelings of constant anxiety are really justified.

When we step back from the rat race we can gain a different perspective on the things we have going on in our lives. Oftentimes this small pause leads us to realize that when we release such tight standards and expectations we start to create a space where we can be in the moment and actually enjoy the journey or process that we’re in.

The practice of stepping back has given me the ability to set more tangible goals and has made me more flexible; allowing things happen at a more natural and organic pace, making it easier to be grateful and satisfied as results manifest themselves.

When we give ourselves permission to move at a pace that is more sustainable, we can realign our expectations and create a sense of inner harmony and flow; as we start to flow with the timeline of the universe we inadvertently gain greater ability to reach our goals and a greater peace of mind.