Many ancients teachings focus on the philosophy of “know thyself”. Meditation and observation are the starting points to understanding who we are, what we desire in life, and what we wish to improve about to create positive changes in our lives.

When I meditate I become the observer of the experience of life. This allows me to become less attached to my ego and more mindful of the interactions that happen on the daily evolution of life. That’s how I can begin to connect to my true, unconditional loving SELF.

Meditation is the act of focusing your mind in order to teach yourself to become less reactive to its never ending fluctuations. It is a mental reprogramming technique in which you habitually train your mind to redirect your thoughts to have more mental control, stability, and clarity.

As we begin to develop an emotional calm, through mindfulness, concentration, and observation, we redirect our thoughts to a particular word, thought, object or activity that we decide.

When our thoughts are repeating past occurrences, aiming to predict future occurrences, or are limiting thoughts, we hold ourselves back from taking steps in our lives based on fear or self-doubt. As we become aware of the patterns of our thoughts, we can practice steering them towards a more constructive and intentional path.