Life is a game filled with ups and downs; with darkness and light; with challenges and successes. We have birthdays, breakups, graduations, deaths, uncertainty in our careers, accomplishments, frustrations, celebrations and unfulfilled expectations. As we travel along the journey of our lives, we may face situations in which we feel lost, fearful and darkness as we attempt to get by. In order to proper heal and move forward, it is important that we process and properly address how tough situations affect us, in order to not allow them to alter our perspective on life.

Difficult circumstances often give us an opportunity to explore our internal self. Often times tough situations become catalysts for discovering what we need in order to move forward and find our way forward through the darkness. As we reflect on our choices, reactions, decisions and overall state of our lives, we can decide whether or not how we are living is allowing us to live our life to fullest and in the present moment.

When we take time to reflect on our lives and ourselves, we can re-discover ourselves and redefine the direction of our thoughts, words and or actions in order to manifest our lives desires. As we embark to find our purpose, or simply just get through life, we will hit bumps on the road, it is important to remain flexible enough to accept challenges and create changes to spark the start of the next chapter of our life. Allow yourself the space to move on accept the new state the universe wishes your life to be in.

Visualizing our desires and fostering faith in ourselves is crucial as we embark on a journey where the outcome may be unknown. When you are faced with tough situations and you look at the big picture you may become fearful and overwhelmed without an obvious path for you to take. The important thing is to take action, take one step at a time, and have faith that you have the ability to make your life happen as you wish. When we “hit rock bottom” or situations in our lives “can’t get any worse” we may think of throwing in the towel and giving up. But if we believe in the direction that we are moving in, when challenges arise, we can recognize that they are only temporary, whereas giving up is final.

Challenges are there to teach us lessons; we are not supposed to live in the past. When we shift our judgements about ourselves and our situations, we may begin to learn the lessons offered and release any fear, guilt or regret we may otherwise hold on to and carry with us into the future. When we choose to inquire within, we can be more honest with ourselves as to what parts we play in every situation of our life. And yes! We always have a part in what’s happening in our lives. As a job ends, a relationship dissolves or we find ourselves struggling reflecting on what led us to that point helps us gain clarity on what we could have done differently so as to not repeat the same mistake in the future.

“We have the ability to express gratitude for any occasion, big or small. The more often the better”– Johanna Godinez

It is important to note that in this experience of life, without darkness we may not see the light. We live in a world of duality where we are constantly faced with decisions, actions and consequences which at any moment could possibility trigger inevitable changes that are often necessary for us to evolve. When facing dark times, we need to find a way to think outside the box, as our darkest hours are often a way for life to set us up for greater days ahead. When we feel fearful, helpless and hopeless, it may seem like life’s lows will never end and it becomes hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is at these times that we must stay hopeful for a brighter tomorrow. As we shift our energy from hopelessness to hopefulness, we can start to attract and create those brighter days for ourselves.