When I feel my energy shifting, I tend to reflect about it, and attempt to understand why. I have come to the conclusion that it happens most often when I am associating my inner peace and fulfillment with a particular external circumstance.

To find balance, inner peace and a state of contentment, I often come back to the understanding that my state of inner harmony depends only on my capacity to accept the things I cannot alter and identify the ones I can.

We find the greatest amount of balance when we become conscious and acknowledge that we are capable of purposefully producing and fostering a state of tranquility from inside of ourselves.

For me, it is fundamental to recognize that there are external stressors that may often be present in my environment. Therefore, I must recognize that regardless of what is happening outside of myself, I can experience a state of absolute contentment, if I chose to remain within.

It’s a harsh reality when we recognize that we don’t need to wait for the right circumstances to feel happy; that we can feel completely content wherever, whenever, and though any chapter of life. This indicates that we don’t need to wish for anything to be different from way things are right now to feel blissful and content at any moment in our lives, regardless of the chaos life is offering us.

We must cultivate states of joy and harmony within our own selves, within our own souls. We may ensure that we constantly feel fulfilled and comfortable with our personal and professional lives by striking this equilibrium. The idea is to constantly remind ourselves that we are responsible for finding happiness within ourselves.

Find delight today and every day as you acknowledge how you are constructing your own state of contentment and joy.