There is power that comes from being present…

Being present is more than just being in the same space as someone. If you are preoccupied with other happenings, you allow your mind to drift away in though, you are not fully present.

Lack of presence can make people feel unheard and can lead to frustration, as people may feel all together ignored.

Being engaged and creating meaningful connections requires our ability to silence our inner voices and become fully immersed in and mindful in every moment that we are living.

The practice of mindfulness and well-being impacts the performance the practitioner and any person that they lead. The more present a leader is with their people, the better their people will perform.

Three tips to become more present:
* Practice active and empathic listening
* Practice the skill of mindfulness
* Be less of a human doer and more of a human being

As a leader your aim should be to support your people and care so much about them at a personal level, that they will proudly give you all their efforts and productivity at a professional level.