A client I spoke to yesterday is convinced that to be happy in life he needs to create all sorts of changes to his environment. Thinking, “I’ll be happy if…” sets us up for disappointment.

We are energetic beings, not merely a physical body, so we can create any state we desire to feel from within, and generate a new reality for ourselves by simply altering our inner state.

As long as we have a clear vision, day by day, we can chip away, until we manifest it as a physical reality. Our mind and body are not separate, they are interconnected, so when we have thoughts that cause emotional trauma our body has a physical response to that. Therefore when we hold on to repetitive thoughts and negative emotions trauma collects in our physical body. This is why stress and trauma often lead to dis-ease.

To create a healthy state of being we must address everything that makes us human:
* Our thoughts – The conversations we are having in our minds
* Our words – How we speak to ourselves and others
* Our breath – Using conscious breathing to release negative energy
* Our tribe – Choose people to surround yourself with who value and appreciate you, and those who are all around more positive and abundant people
* Our actions – Make sure you are taking time to yourself and to do things that bring you joy. Life is meant to be pleasurable, otherwise we burn out, which often manifest in our health
* Our physical body – Diet, physical activity, time in nature, water and rest. Sleep alone can help with anxiety, depression, focus and even overactive thinking
* Our instinct – Listening to our inner voice of wisdom and trusting when something, or someone, doesn’t feel right

And if you feel like you are not sure how to do this on your own, find someone who understands the conscious and subconscious mind to help you create new neurological pathways that will aid you in creating changes in your thought patterns and behavior.

Know that what matters in life is creating the life and circumstances that we desire, and that starts from the inside out. No one can change you or your situation but you. So take the first step and breakthrough!