Yoga is a practice of the mind that may be accessed through the body. Your life could be perfect… but if you wake up with back pain for example… no matter how perfect everything else is, your mind will focus on that.
When we realize when we take care of our physical body other parts of your life can be healthier, it becomes easier to incorporate actions that help us keep our body in tip top shape.
As always, a new year gives you the opportunity to create resolutions to make changes to either the way you eat or your physical activity.
Commit to doing yoga, meditation or tai chi a few times a week, decide to eat more organic and whole foods if possible and integrate activities that elevate your heart rate on a daily basis. These simple factors will improve the health of your body with little changes to your schedule.
No matter how small the changes are that you make today, know that it only takes one to start you on a path to long-lasting lifestyle habits that become easier to maintain and allow you to feel more empowered every day.
It’s never too late to start! When you support your physical health you will benefit your health and wellbeing for the rest of your life.