If you have ever met me or have heard me speak, then you know that I am far from anyone’s idea of a pageant queen. When I was nominated to represent Puerto Rico at the Woman of Achievement Pageant, I never actually thought that I would be asked to come to California and compete.

When I was cordially invited so many fears and doubts surfaced that I honestly tried to back out twice after I had agreed. Most women take at least a year to prepare for a pageant, and I had exactly two months.

After finding tremendous support from friends and family, I mustered up the courage and diligently prepared for the competition to come. A main highlight of this pageant is what steps we are taking in our personal and professional lives to elevate and impact our community and the world.

My entire life revolves about the practice of yoga and how the teachings help us elevate the state of our minds and ourlives. I had to figure out a way to describe the practice and convey the power that philosophy and lifestyle of Yoga can have very concisely and precisely.

After weeks of narrowing down my thoughts and strategies I wrote this speech and presented the judges with the following book on how a yogic lifestyle how help us connect deeper to who we are and allow us to crete inner peace and joy.

I hope you enjoy them both!

Creating Inner Peace – The Philosophy of Yoga

Mrs Woman of Achievent 2023 Winning Speech – Inner Peace Through Yoga