We are currently experiencing an interesting time. The universe gave us a metaphorical pause and we either chose to  numb ourselves or we took the time to sit back and think about what we are creating or what we desire to create in our lives.

As humans, we tend to not reflect on our gifts and potential, instead spending more time finding the things that we perceive are wrong or not good enough about us versus figuring out the things that we are uniquely brilliant at. We are all special and unique beings, so incredible that we contain within us the most complex piece of machinery that has ever existed, in the form of our minds and brain. Each of us has a unique life, filled with distinctive lessons, a unique education and have developed a particular set of skills based on what we have been taught and our innate abilities.

Have you taken the time to figure out what yours are?


Taking the time to reflect on our lives, experiences and desires can bring to the forefront what our true gifts and purpose are. Our unique abilities, the problems that we have been faced with and have overcome lay the ground for the path that our lives are journeying and can help us determine ways to create the life we desire.

Reflection can help us look back at what these unique situations have been that have led to where we are and can therefore help us determine whether we are on the right path or ways that we can shift to create a path worth traveling. As we create a vision of ourselves and our path that help us determine what we are good at, we can better figure out what we desire to share with the world.

Have Faith

Our faith is the belief in ourselves that allows us to embark on a journey even when the outcome of that path may be unknown. When we choose to live out loud and share our passion, it takes determination, tenacity, and massive action. Through faith, we confidently take steps, knowing that our efforts and abilities will allow us the chance to make our ultimate vision of life happen.

As we reflect and determine our purpose, we gain the ability to look at a bigger picture and make a plan and potential steps that we can follow. And although not everything may go as planned, when we trust that our purpose is higher than life, we learn to see obstacles as lessons which allow us to grow as a person.